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Who will be the primary contact for your company to receive recruitment related inquiries from military spouses?

Collaboration Principles:

By registering for this site, you affirm your agreement with the Military Spousal Employment Network (MSEN) Collaboration Principals . These principles are designed to foster a collaborative and supportive environment for both employers and military spouses. Your commitment to these principles ensures a positive and effective engagement within our community.

Privacy Policy:

The vFairs/MFS Privacy Policy outlines how vFairs, the Military Spousal Employment Network (MSEN) and Military Family Services (MFS), a department of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS), handle your organization's information. It also grants permission for the MSEN and MFS to contact you with relevant information related to your participation in the MSEN.


Your dedication to these principles ensures a respectful and secure environment for all participants. We appreciate your commitment to supporting military spouses through the Military Spousal Employment Network.

Thank you for choosing to be part of the MSEN community!

What is required from organizations to become a Military Spousal Employment Network Employer Partner?

Basic Agreement

All employer partners must sign the Military Family Services (MFS) Military Spousal Employment Network (MSEN) Basic Agreement. This Agreement supports employer partners to increase fair employment opportunities for military spouses, and when possible, explore the possibility of maintaining employment through circumstances due to military family lifestyle.

Measuring Success – Employer Partner reporting

Employer partners commit to reporting on the number of military spouses hires to MFS.

Awareness training and creating a culture of support

Employer partners agree to appropriate employees (roles such as recruiters, hiring managers, human resource professionals, members of senior leadership, etc.) to participate in a free awareness training that provides an overview of common characteristics of military spouses, military family lifestyle, and how to create an inclusionary corporate culture for military spouses and partners.



MFS Employment Team / L’Équipe d’emplois aux SFM


Canadian Forces Morale & Welfare Services

Services de bien-être et moral des Forces canadiennes



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