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The MFS Spousal Employment team remains available to continue to provide support and programming to military spouses in their career development and training. Many of the MSEN employers are committed to connecting with you in their talent search for available career opportunities. Connect with the Military contact for more information about a company or to submit your resume for one many positions in the job bank.

What is the Network?

An online hub exclusively for military spouses/partners to

  • Explore dedicated national employers and connect with hiring managers
  • See job openings
  • Participate in career fairs and showcase your talent and experience (both online (from anywhere!), and in-person (in collaboration with select MFRCs)
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Explore job openings, chat with hiring managers and grow your network in search of employment opportunities!

Join from anywhere!

No travel needed to participate in the online Network, access the job board, and connect with employers during the virtual career fairs.


Military Spousal Employment Network will allow military spouses to connect with dedicated national employers that strive to provide equal employment opportunities to military spouses/partners, amidst the challenges associated with military lifestyle.

Free for spouses and partners of Canadian Armed Forces members, the Network is a self-directed resource with direct access to explore committed employers and their available employment opportunities, an online job board, and participate in virtual and in-person career fairs – uniquely for military spouses/partners.

As part of a suite of employment and entrepreneurship programs and services available to promote the awareness, education and opportunities for military spouses to find and maintain meaningful employment and/or income. Head to\employment to find out more.


Our dedicated national and virtual employer partners are located in military communities across Canada. The objective of the MSEN employer partners are, that they will offer equal employment opportunities to military spouses/partners and when possible explore flexible work options to maintain employment. To learn more about our employer partners login/register here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Spouses or partners (married or common-law) of actively serving Regular or Reserve Canadian Armed Forces members. Veteran spouses, transitioning to post-service life and Spouses or partners of fallen CAF members are also eligible to access the Network.
Participate wherever you are! No need to travel to access the Network or participate in virtual job fairs.
To begin, you will need two minutes to complete an online registration form where you will need to provide your name and email address and certify that you are the spouse of a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Consult information on employers
  • Discover the available job offers
  • Communicating with hiring managers
  • A device with an Internet connection
  • Your CV